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Life Is A Sport

It takes a village to raise a child is a proverb I grew up on. When I reflect on the most important piece of information, I’ve received in life it always leads me back to a conversation I had with my mom. Her message was loud, clear and consistent to FINISH school. Those words continued to ring in my ear after she passed away. I witnessed my grandmother work several jobs just to make sure I was ok. What I now realize is that I had a lineage of women paving a way for me to be great. The sweat, tears and sacrifices were all for me to grow up to be better than they were yesterday. I honored my mother's request and graduated from college. I am thankful that she planted a seed of setting goals early in life and created a foundation for higher expectations.

The insight I gained from my ancestry makes me the woman I am today. In 2012 I developed a non-profit organization. I wanted girl to know, I know the challenges of growing up wanting your mom, I know the challenges growing up not feeling like enough, I know the challenges of growing up not feeling connected. All I wanted to scream out through all of this is I made it and so can you. It’s my privilege to honor those who paved a way before me to create a company dedicated to lending a voice to girls and women. Empress, a woman of great power or influence is who they were and what I embody today. Empress Sports mission is to inspire generations of women to admire their strength and encourage them to be A limited Edition of greatness in the sport of life.

Empress Sports provides a platform to celebrate individual and team (village) success while driving the message that it is beautiful to be strong. The reality that life is a sport for females, and we are forever going through various challenges in all stages of life, from puberty to menopause. We remain resilient in lite of obstacles, fearless towards our goal, and fierce through it all.

Empress Sports has an online boutique featuring apparel and accessories to drive empowerment and self-esteem. We only create clothes and accessories that allow girls to feel good about themselves. Our Limited-Edition T-shirt is a classic. It’s designed to express everyone unique ability and scream individuality. What an incredible feeling to be able to represent a clothing line that is dedicated to girls that displays messages that give them pride.

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